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Jun 22 2018

Tips on How to Interview Potential Employees, job interview tips.#Job #interview #tips

Tips for Employers: How to Interview Potential Employees

Job interview tips

Want job interview tips to help you select the most qualified employees? These tips will help you assess the skills, experience, and cultural fit of your potential employees. The job interview is a powerful factor in the employee selection process in most organizations. While it may not deserve all of the attention that it receives, the interview is still a powerful force in hiring.

Background checking and checking references are also key factors in your hiring decisions.

Hopefully, you have added these checks of factual information to your hiring arsenal, too.

But the job interview remains your key tool in assessing the candidate s cultural fit. It is also the tool you can use to get to know your candidates on a more personal basis. The interview process helps other employees get to know the candidate.

It helps the new coworkers own and feel some responsibility for the success of the new employee when he or she joins your organization. Use these tips to help your team select superior employees.

How to Select Candidates for the Job Interview

Your starting point, before scheduling a job interview with a candidate, is to review each candidate s:

When faced with 100-200 candidates, it s important to use tools that separate the great candidates from the many. These will help you select the candidates for the job interview. They will also help you prepare your list of questions to use to telephone screen candidates and ask during interviews.

Telephone Screen Candidates Prior to a Job Interview

The telephone interview or candidate phone screen allows the employer to determine if the candidate s qualifications, experience, workplace preferences and salary needs are congruent with the position and your organization.

The telephone interview saves employee time and eliminates unlikely candidates. While you will want to develop a customized job interview with customized questions for each position, this generic job interview advice will guide you.

How to Prepare for the Job Interview

The interview team was selected at your earlier recruiting planning meeting, so the interviewers have had time to prepare. You will want to use the list of qualities, skills, knowledge, and experience you developed for the resume screening process.

Use this list to make sure each interviewer understands his or her role in the candidate assessment. Review each interviewer’s questions, too, to make sure the interview questions selected will obtain the needed information.

Sample Job Interview Questions for Employers to Ask Prospective Employees

Use these sample job interview questions when you interview potential employees.

Illegal Job Interview Questions

Ask legal interview questions that illuminate the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses to determine job fit. Avoid illegal interview questions and interview practices that could make your company the target of a U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) lawsuit.

Hold a Behavioral Job Interview With Each Candidate

During the job interview, help the candidate demonstrate his or her knowledge, skills, and experience. Start with small talk and ask several easy questions until the candidate seems relaxed. Then, hold a behavioral interview.

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A behavioral interview is the best tool you have to identify candidates who have the behavioral traits and characteristics that you have selected as necessary for success in a particular job.

Additionally, behavioral interviews ask the candidate to pinpoint specific instances in which a particular behavior was exhibited in the past. In the best behaviorally-based interviews, the candidate is unaware of the behavior the interviewer is verifying.

In addition to the candidate s verbal responses during the job interview, you ll want to notice all of the nonverbal interaction, too.

Assess Candidates Following the Job Interview

Provide a standard format for each interviewer to use to assess each candidate following the interview. You should have several candidates who you ll want to ask back for a second or even third job interview.

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