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Mar 13 2018

Powwownow Free Conference Calls, Teleconferencing Service

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You can have up to 50 participants on a call at any one time without having to book with us in advance. We can allow more participants if needed through our Event Call facility. Please contact us on +44 (0)20 3398 0398 or click here if you require more information about this service.

There is no charge for using the Powwownow service. Everyone calling into a teleconference. including the host, simply pays for their own phone call, which typically costs 8 cent/min+VAT from landlines anywhere in Ireland. The call costs will be shown on your phone bill in the same way as any other call. Click general->language?>/enhanced/”>here for international call charges.

Cost of calls from a mobile phone may vary depending on the network provider. Please contact the appropriate network provider for a confirmed price. Please also note that some numbers are not available for use from mobiles. Click here for more details.

International conference calls vary depending on the country and the network provider. Please contact your network provider for a confirmed price. Please also note that some numbers cannot be dialled internationally. Click here for more details.

Open Access does not require registering and all you pay for is your own call charges.
Registration for Enhanced Access is free, and once again, you only pay for your call charges.
Our Premium Access package comes with a subscription fee, which is tailored to your company needs.

We make our money in the form of a rebate that we receive from our telecoms partner.

No, there is no need to book. You can hold a telephone conference whenever you like 24x7x365.

Yes, every participant entering the conference is announced, ensuring you will know exactly who is on your conference call. You have the ability to lock the conference room and even do a head count or roll call of the participants. Click here for more in-conference controls.

No, there is no limit to the duration of a conference call.

If you are using our Open Access service, your international access number is. This number can be called from anywhere in the world.
If you have registered for an Enhanced Access PIN on our website. please click here for international dial-in numbers.
For Premium Access customers, please click here or contact us on +44 (0)20 3398 0398 for a list of your dedicated dial-in numbers.

No, the dial-in number remains the same, however if there are any changes, we will ensure you are aware of them.

Yes, all of our services are designed so the PIN can be used again and again until you instruct us to cancel them.

No, registered customers have unique PINs that are reserved for each customer’s use.

If you enter a six-digit preferred PIN and this code is already reserved, after your third request the system will automatically issue you with a PIN that is still available. On the same basis, if the password entered is too short, the system will automatically issue you with a random password.

In order for us to change your PIN we would have to delete your account from the system so that you can re-register and be issued with a new PIN. Please note that if the PIN chosen is already in use, our system will automatically allocate you a random PIN that is still available.

This problem is most likely linked to an issue with your handset. It may be that your telephone is not sending out the correct DTMF tones, hence preventing our system from identifying the keys pressed. It might be advisable to try another handset for your next call and to contact us again if this problem persists.

Your PIN enables you to access your voice conference and can also be used on our web conferencing platform.
Your password is used to access MyPowwownow. where you can make changes to conference settings and make use of our scheduler. Please note that Open Access customers do not have access to MyPowwownow.

Your password chosen during the registration process would have been included in the confirmation email you received. If you have forgotten your password please click on the Forgotten your password? link to set a new one.

No. You can use Powwownow from any touchtone phone, a landline, pay phone, mobile and even Skype – in the same way as you would make any other phone call.

Yes, with our Enhanced Access and Premium Access services you can record, play and share your call recordings with whoever you wish. Just press #8 on your telephone keypad to get started.

Yes, we have a choice of on-hold music for you to choose from. You can also change various call settings including the voice prompt language. Just go to MyPowwownow – My PIN(s) and click the ‘Edit’ link under Call Preferences. Please note that Open Access customers do not have access to MyPowwownow.

At this moment in time, we specialise in audio and web conferencing only.

Yes, as long as all numbers belong to the same service (Open, Enhanced or Premium Access) and the same PIN or set of PINs is used by all call participants.

Enhanced and Premium Access customers simply need to login to MyPowwownow and click the ‘Request Wallet Card’ button under My Pin(s).

Unfortunately, we are only able to issue one wallet card per user. We can however, send you more than one set of stickers for you to pass around. Please contact us on +44 (0)20 3398 0398 if you require more stickers.

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