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Jun 21 2018

50 Best eBay Cars for Sale in 2017 – Used Cars and Trucks on eBay

Rare and Ridiculous eBay Cars You Have to See

No price is too high, no car is too outlandish.

While eBay might be full of useless crap, there are also some gems, like rare exotic cars that you just don’t see everyday. Here’s a selection of great ones that you should take a look at.

With only 351 examples built, the Toyota 2000GT is an incredibly rare sight, which makes finding one for sale a pleasant surprise. This one is an even rarer left-hand drive example that spent most of it’s life in Switzerland. Yours for $900,000.

This isn’t just a silly livery; this 911 was an honest-to-God police car. The Dutch “Rijkspolitie” famously used Porsches first 356 Cabriolets, later 911 Targas as highway patrol vehicles. This one looks to be in great shape, with all of the original police kit, and a $175,000 asking price.

You still see cars like this on the road, but it’s not that often that they’re this clean. This 1985 Riviera has been fastidiously maintained since it was new, and it has to be the nicest in existence. Yours for $20,000.

We’ve featured Countaches here before, but this is an especially neat example. It’s a 1983 LP5000 S considered to be one of the best of the range that was shown at the Paris Motor Show in 1983. In 2014, it was given a full restoration, and it’s listed for $470,000.

Here’s a factory-built Dodge Viper race car available for $90,000. It was built for the SCCA World Challenge series, but it’d make a hell of a track car today.

Some people find the Alfa Romeo Sprint Zagato (S.Z.) ugly, which earned it the nickname “Il Monstro.” Its chassis was based on an Alfa Group A touring car, with a sonorous V6 and fascinating bodywork by Zagato. This one’s up for grabs at just under $80,000, which is lower than what we’ve seen other S.Z.s listed for.

This is a slightly bizarre find, and not just because it’s a Panoz. It’s claimed to be the first Esperante GTLM of 75 built and it carries a $700,000 asking price. The only other Esperante GTLMs listed on eBay is available for $45,000.

These tiny vans are very common in Japan, but they’re only now being imported into the US under NHTSA’s 25-year rule. It’s equipped with a 38-hp 666cc three-cylinder and a four-speed manual. It’s tiny, but genuinely practical, with lots of room for passengers or cargo, and it’s listed for sale in Florida with a $7500 asking price.

This classic Mercedes 600 costs nearly as much as a brand-new V8-powered S-Class, but it offers style that the new car can’t match. The interior looks especially gorgeous, with its figured wood trim, and the seller says there are no leaks in its wildly complex hydraulic system. It has a $100,000 asking price.

Here’s a remarkably clean find from Toyota’s early days in the US market, a 1969 Corona Coupe. It’s equipped with Toyota’s optional, amazingly named “Toyoglide” three-speed automatic transmission, and comes with extensive documentation. It’s yours for a little under $20,000.

The GTX 600 seems to be a sort of McLaren F1 GTR replica with slightly different styling and eight missing cylinders. According to the ad’s description, the GTX’s 2.2-liter four cylinder engine makes 600 horsepower and revs to 8800 rpm. So if you’re into the F1 but don’t want to drop eight figures on one, this might be the car to get. Find it here with an asking price of $85,000.

This 2013 G37 was fitted with a completely custom fiberglass body and made to look like a supercar. It’s been featured in the Need for Speed movie and, more recently, Pitbull’s “Green Light” music video. Find it here for just under $100,000.

According to the seller, this ’06 Ultima is one of just seven in the US, equipped with a 720-horsepower V8. Judging by its small size and obvious aero, we have a feeling this would make one hell of a track car. Check it out here for $82,500.

This massive beast of a vehicle is called the Terradyne Gurkha, and it’s one of just two in existence. Built off a 2012 Ford F550 XL, it features a 6.7-liter turbodiesel V8, Level 7 ballistic protection and 50 caliber armored protection. If you’re planning on surviving an apocalypse any time soon, find it here for $699,900.

The Periscopo was one of the earliest Countaches to come out of Sant’Agata, devoid of the later cars’ flared fenders, massive tires, and gigantic rear wing. Some may not like its styling, but others put it on a pedestal. Find it here with an asking price of $1.095 million.

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